Curriculum, Assessment & Training

In 2010 the Faculty was tasked by the GMC to develop a new, standalone curriculum in Intensive Care Medicine.  This curriculum was written and subsequently approved by the GMC in 2011 and updated in 2014.
Please click here for the GMC 'Way Forward' statement regarding ICM training.
This curriculum applies to all trainees appointed specifically to the standalone CCT in ICM from August 2012 onwards (and those in dual CCTs programmes with ICM and partner specialties).
Recruitment to the old Joint CCT in ICM ended on 31 July 2013.  There is no futher recruitment to the Joint CCT, but those trainees who have been appointed to it will continue in it until completion.  Trainees undertaking the standalone CCT in ICM are able to apply for Dual CCTs in ICM and a partner specialty.
Further information on implementation of the curriculum will be published as and when it is available. To submit feedback on the standalone curriculum, please contact the Faculty.
For more information on the FICM Training & Assessment Committee which is responsible for matters relating to the curriculum please see the Committees of the Faculty.


New Releases

A new competency guidance document has been created to help advise trainees and trainers on what is accpetable regarding competency sign off. The guidance also offers some useful suggestions as to how some competenices are signed off by using resources such as e-ICM.  




Assessment System




Core and Common Competencies


Special Skills Training


ICM/Anaesthesia Dual CCT Training Specialist Modules Joint Statement