Affiliate Trainee Queries

Trainees undertaking blocks of ICM outside of the ICM CCT programme are expected to register as Affiliate Trainees of the Faculty. If the trainee entered HST before August 2012, they will be expected to demonstrate that they have undertaken training commensurate to Intermediate level ICM as defined by the Joint CCT in Intensive Care Medicine curriculum. If the trainee entered HST after August 2012, they will be expected to demonstrate that they have undertaken training commensurate with Stage 1 level ICM as defined by the standalone CCT in Intensive Care Medicine curriculum and as detailed in this guidance In the past these trainees, if they had followed the training programme exactly, could submit a ‘General Registration’ Form and be signed off by the IBTICM (Intercollegiate Board for Training in Intensive Care Medicine) at Intermediate or Advanced level (as appropriate). Such trainees could then apply for Affiliate Fellowship of the Faculty (no post nominals). If these Affiliate Fellows then wished to undertake further training to Stage 2 level, they could sit the FFICM Final examination for full Fellowship of the Faculty, with the post nominals FFICM.

No. You can only gain a CCT in ICM when you specifically appointed to an ICM CCT programme (be it Joint or standalone) via competitive entry. These are the posts advertised nationally as specifically delivering a CCT in ICM and entered on a competitive interview basis. Unless you have one of these posts, you cannot gain an ICM CCT.

This depends on when the trainee entered HST (Higher Specialist Training), as there were different ICM CCT curricula in operation before and after August 2012. If trainees were in HST before August 2012, then they are expected to achieve training commensurate with Intermediate ICM as described in that document. The Faculty would consider it unfair to expect such trainees to achieve the requirements of Stage 1 ICM, as they will already be sufficiently progressed in training to make this difficult, and so for them the Affiliate Fellow bar is set at Intermediate level. However, beyond August 2012 the Joint CCT curriculum is defunct and the Faculty cannot continue to measure its membership criteria against it. As such, trainees entering HST after August 2012 must achieve training commensurate with Stage 1 level ICM in order to achieve Affiliate Fellowship.

Trainees who previously submitted General Registration forms are not obliged to re-register as Affiliate Trainees, unless they wish to sit the FFICM examination. The Faculty would encourage all General Registration trainees to register as Affiliate Trainees if they wish to continue training in ICM.

If you have achieved the required training relating to your date of HST entry, then you should apply for Affiliate Fellowship of the Faculty.

You may wish to remain outside the ICM CCT programme but still attempt the FFICM examination – as Affiliate Fellows they would be eligible to do so. Any additional ICM training you may pick up will depend on the parameters of your primary specialty CCT programme. If a trainee is able to pick up ICM training time and competencies commensurate with Stage 2 and Stage 3 ICM then they can apply to the GMC for a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration in ICM. See Equivalence Queries for more information.

Not at all. Once you are on the UK Specialist Register you can apply for any consultant post. The Faculty recommends that doctors with Affiliate Fellowship or Intermediate level ICM sign-off undertake posts with short working periods on the ICU – it is the FICM’s aim for the future that doctors charged with running an Intensive Care Unit should usually hold FFICM and a CCT in Intensive Care Medicine or Advanced level sign-off.

Not at all. Once you are on the UK Specialist Register you can apply for any consultant post. When you were signed-off at Advanced level, you had completed the same amount of ICM training and to the same level as an ICM Joint CCT trainee. It would be up to you to stress this in your CV and at AAC panel interviews. You may also wish to consider the possibility of applying to the GMC for a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration [CESR] in ICM. If successful in this process, you could be entered onto the Specialist Register in ICM. However, please note that there is a high cost associated with CESR applications and that there is an attendant onus on the trainee to provide the large amount of documentary evidence required. All CESR applications should be made in the first instance to the GMC via their website. (see ‘Equivalence Queries’).