Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Unit Information

I work within the critical care areas at Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS trust. We are a 2 site critical care area, having 36 level2 and 3 beds at the Northern General Hospital site and 8 level2/3 beds at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Please note head injuries and all neurological services are separate to critical care. We are a major trauma centre with a separate spinal injuries unit at the NGH site.

ACCP Information

We introduced ACCP last year 2013, starting with employing 4 Trainee ACCPs, then employed 2 trained ACCPs in October 2013. There are a further 3/4 trainees starting this September. All trainees are supernumerary for approx 18 months maybe longer. When qualified we cover the F2 rota on the post-operative surgical unit which is mixed in with the HDU level 2 beds. We cover weekends, long days and nights. We always work with an ACCS trainee doctor (A&E). We get involved with all the patients doing daily reviews admitting discharging, reviewing sick patients etc.

Training Information

Training is a mixture of in house provision from 2 anaesthetic consultants, with weekly tutorials and formal university provision of APACS Non-Medical Prescribing, Chest X-ray Interpretation. We have a Lead Nurse Educator involved in the programme. We have a portfolio to work to with yearly appraisals from a consultant and nurse manager.

Additional Information

The programme delivered works closely with the nurse consultant in A&E and involves the training of their ANPs.

We have a Yorkshire forum which meets every 3 months pulling together ANPs from other Trusts, not just critical care practitioners.

My colleague and I are just about to start our PICC line insertion training.