Stepping Hill Critical Care Unit, Stockport

Unit Information
  • 7-8 Level 3 beds
  • 6-8 Level 2 beds
ACCP Information                           

Steven Simpson
MSc Advanced Nursing Practice  (Salford University)
RN Dip HE Nursing / ENB 100 / ENB 998
Independent prescriber / ALS instructor  


Two year MSc Course Advanced Nursing Practice Salford University

  • Support the clinical management of critically ill patients throughout the hospital .
  • Provide a professional portfolio of skills including clinical assessment, basic diagnosis, treatments and advanced practical skills.
  • Requesting or performing diagnostic tests as indicated by patient needs.
  • Interpreting ECG, chest X-ray & blood results and acting accordingly
  • Making daily assessments of existing critically ill patients and participating fully in the daily consultant led ward round.
  • Providing expert nursing treatment as identified and required.
  • Independently providing prompt and safe peripheral and central venous vascular access via peripheral, subclavian, internal jugular and femoral routes.
  • Independently providing prompt and safe radial or femoral arterial cannulation.
  • Providing basic airway skills including intubation and tracheostomy change.
  • Provide bronchoscopy for the insertion of tracheostomy as directed by the consultant.
  • Independently prescribing medications.
  • Independently prescribing blood and blood products as required.
  • Provide an independent and safe intra- and inter-hospital transfer service for stable critically ill patients.
  • Provide follow up and specialised supportive advice as required for nursing staff caring for patients discharged to general wards.
  • Assist in resuscitation and be a part of the cardiac arrest team.
  • Work in collaboration with nursing and medical staff to promote quality care, participating in audit and assisting in developing unit protocols.
  • Exercise complex levels of judgement, discretion and decision making in clinical care demonstrated through the National Education and Competence Framework for Advanced Critical Care Practitioners.
  • Actively participate in teaching the MDT throughout the Trust