Rosie Bio

Rosie is the Chair of the WICM group. She is a consultant in critical care and anaesthesia at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. With WICM she aims to promote ICM as a female-friendly specialty to women in all stages of their medical training, from undergraduate level upwards.


February 2019 - FICM Presents: Striking The Balance

FICM presents: Striking The Balance – hosted by the Women in ICM Group


We were very disappointed to have to postpone our meeting in February this year but as promised we're back and thrilled to share the details of  “Striking the Balance.”

Striking the Balance will be held  at the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine London on 27th September 2019, which we think is a much more accessible date for all you!


Who is this meeting for?

This one-day meeting is aimed at anyone working in ICM. The programme concentrates on those aspects of your job which can prove the most challenging – the so-called “soft skills.”


What will I experience on the day?

You'll learn how to:

  • Succeed as an Introvert
  • Deal with ‘Failure’
  • Lead with authenticity
  • Become an effective ally in the workplace
  • Encourage yourself and others to develop in your ICM career
  • Know yourself – to manage yourself
  • Speak in public and chair meetings effectively
  • Recognise the early symptoms of burnout in yourself and those around you
  • Become an effective mentor

In the morning we will have a series of talks (some of the topics are listed above) and in the afternoon you will have a have choice between 2 workshops or a thorough and practical mentor training session*


Mentor TrainingWorkshop Sessions

Those of you who are interested in training as mentors will have an in-depth and invaluable 2 and half hour training session led by Alison Wheatly and introduction to the WICM mentoring network featuring:

  • What makes a memorable mentor.
  • Developing a personal profile as a mentor.
  • Building skills and successful relationships as mentor. 


You will rotate through two sessions.

  • “Know yourself to manage yourself” - interactive session led by experienced corporate coaches, to allow you to explore how your personality may affect the ways in which you interact with your colleagues at work and the effects this can have.
  •  “How I do it…”  featuring speakers such as Dr Naz Lone telling us how he effectively speaks at and chairs meetings, and Dr Segun Olusanya sharing his experiences of being affected by burnout.

*You will choose the option of either the workshops or training sessions prior to the event


We have really enjoyed putting together this programme, and we firmly believe it will appeal to anyone who works in ICM.

We look forward to seeing you there!

More information on the event can be found at it's dedicated page here