ACCPs in the Workplace

ICM Trainee feedback

  • Our ACCP is easy to work with and a great team member.  She has been very supportive as I am new to critical care and has helped me clinically when I have been unsure of best course of action. 
  • Our ACCP is a hard working member of the team.  It has been great having her on the ward and she epitomizes the value of the ACCP programme. It is great to see her continuing to build on her skills, in particular her interest in point of care ultrasound.
  • I find the ACCP to be highly approachable and professional at all times.  I feel confident sharing knowledge and skills regarding patient care.  In particular, I would be very happy for her to be involved in the care of myself or a relative.
  • An excellent colleague and team member. The ACCP represents the gold standard ICU resident and has outstanding all round abilities.  Working with her is a pleasure and I have no doubt she will continue to develop into an excellent senior resident.
  • It’s been ace working alongside you and seeing how you slowly but surely break down barriers, stereotypes and preconceptions as you go. I know you are a massive inspiration to the nursing and medical staff on the unit, as a trainee I have found it invaluable working alongside you and have learnt so much from you.

Patient feedback

"Since being admitted to ICU, I have seen many people in the environment and also lots of people involved in my care, including physiotherapists, nurses, doctors, practitioners and many more. There has been an excellent level of care provided by the nurses for care needs and lots of support by the practitioners and physiotherapists. The medical staff have been good at advising what was wrong with me and are very clever, however it has been the practitioners who have sat down and explained things to myself and my partner in a way we could both understand. Each time the practitioner came to carry out a task like taking blood or putting a new drip in (central line/cannula) they explained the procedure well, put me at ease and talked me through the whole thing. They seem to understand better than the medical staff that I am a patient and I am scared of what is going on and being so poorly. The medical staff have been very clever and found out what was wrong with me, but having been to other ICUs in the past for my condition I have never come across these practitioners who have the skills of medical staff but also the compassion of nursing staff. I am very impressed and would like to ensure people know about this role and how good it has been for me during my stay to have these people present. When I am well again, I intend on writing to the hospital formally to express my gratitude for the care received and also the importance of their practitioners within ICU and how much they are a credit to the team."

Comments been checked and agreed by the patient providing feedback.