Fight Fatigue

It's time to change the culture of fatigue in hospitals

The Faculty, RCoA and Association of Anaesthetist have developed a #FightFatigue resource pack to teach our industry on the need for change.

This contains the information you need to educate with and the tools to make these changes. We want you to have the confidence to address any issues at your workplace and know that we fully support you. 

Critical Care is an enormously rewarding speciality to work in. The work is constantly interesting and varied, such that it's possible to maintain a career long fascination with the speciality. There is emotional reward in the profound difference we can make, both individually and as a team to the life of our patients, and often also their relatives. As part of a multidisciplinary team we are also usually mutually very well supported and supportive in our jobs. By the very nature of critical care it can also be very demanding; leading to a drain on our physical and emotional reserves. This leads to fatigue. There is always a balance to maintain between the plusses of the job and the negatives.

Fight Fatigue Resources

Fatigue and the Workforce

Dr Laura McClelland talks about fatigue and it’s impact on safety and health. She encourages us to consider how to minimise our own fatigue by achieving better quality rest and mitigating circadian rhythm disruption with the aid of useful devices and techniques.  Click on the picture link to go to the webcast!

Click here for an introduction slide which gives an overview of Laura's webcast if you'd like to focus on a particular area.