Common psychological problems after a critical care admission

It is very common for patients who have suffered a critical illness to experience psychological issues.

When I awoke from my medically induced coma, I was totally disorientated, very anxious and confused. Although I slowly began to realise and remember what had happened to me, this took a while. The very first experience was one of utter confusion and disbelief.

Recovering critical care patient

They are caused by a combination of things, such as the nature of your illness, the critical care environment, some of the drugs you were given, poor sleep and infections. Some people find these symptoms more troubling than others. Whilst they can be very distressing, they usually get better over time. If they are having a big impact on you or are continuing to trouble you a few months after your discharge from hospital you should ask your GP about sources of help or request to be seen in the critical care follow-up clinic.