Podcast: Knowing Your Team – Part 4

This is the fourth part of our podcast series on ‘Knowing Your Team’ where we aim to gain a greater understanding of the roles of the different members of the critical care team. This month we will focus on the role of the Intensivist and we have been fortunate enough to be able to talk to both Dr Andrew Davies and Sarah Clarke about this.

Andrew is an Intensivist who works at the Frankston Hospital in Melbourne and is well known for his ‘Mastering Intensive Care’ podcast series in which he aims to inspire and empower intensive care clinicians to bring their best selves to the intensive care unit. Andrew has a wealth of experience in research and clinical practice.

Sarah is an Intensivist at the Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital and a FICM board member. She has also had several regional and national roles in education and training.

Andrew Davies – The Intensivist Part 1

In this podcast Gareth Thomas talks to Andrew Davies about how the role of the intensivist has changed over the course of his career and focusses on the importance of the ‘human touch’ and having meaningful discussions with patients about the priorities of care.

Andrew Davies – The Intensivist Part 2

Next Andrew talks about how the rest of the hospital views the role of an intensivist and the importance of having a calming influence on the critical care team. He also talks about the balance between academic and clinical roles and gives some key tips on how to maintain a good career balance.


Sarah Clarke – The Intensivist Part 3

Finally, Gareth has a discussion with Sarah Clarke about the involvement of intensivists in decisions about admission to critical care, building effective working relationships with other hospital specialties and the need for more people to be aware of what critical care entails and the limitations of treatment.