ICM Curriculum 2021

ICM Curriculum: Supporting Excellence

The new ICM curriculum has now officially been approved by the GMC and is due to be implemented on 04 August 2021. To read the news item regarding this click here.

In this section you'll find updates on key documents, progress, dates, changes and how implementation will affect training. We're constantly updating this page as and when we're able to provide further information, so please check back regularly.

ICM Curriculum: Supporting Excellence

Why a new curriculum?

  • The GMC is updating all curricula and the current 2010 ICM curriculum is due for a review. 
  • More information about the GMC's standards for the development and design of postgraduate medical curricula can be found here.
  • More information about the GMC's framework for essential generic capabilities needed for safe, effective and high quality medical care in the UK can be found here.

Key related documents

These documents are available to view and download. They give an in depth look at aspects of the new curriculum. 

The focus of the assessment strategy is to ensure that trainees are able to demonstrate to the GMC that they can provide the public with safe and effective care that meets population needs throughout the nations of the United Kingdom. There is an emphasis on excellence in training and teaching throughout, with use of assessment to facilitate learning. Assessment should be carried out in a fair and consistent manner with equal access to the assessments available to all trainees.​

Guidance for the Special Skills Year for the new curriculum

Checklist for ARCP panels

Slide set explaining the move to the new curriculum in more depth.

HiLLOs form what used to be the domains in the 2010 ICM curriculum. They are broad categories of what Intensive Care Medicine Doctors do. There are different levels of attainment set for the HiLLOs at different stages of training.

Chart of the capability levels expected for each HiLLO in Stages 1, 2 & 3 of the curriculum.

This is a new form in the LLP that needs to be completed and sent to an Educational Supervisor to review and sign off when an StR has acquired sufficient evidence to demonstrate they have met the requirements at the requisite capability level for any of the 14 HiLLOs in Stages 1, 2 and 3 of ICM training. 

  • Supervised Learning Event (SLE) Assessment Forms

All of the new SLE forms are being incorporated in the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP), with StR and Trainer required to complete different sections of the forms. The examples above show all of the information that will be captured in these forms for reference. All SLE forms should be completed and approved via the LLP wherever possible.


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