Important changes announced to Fellowship routes

Published 20/12/2018


When the Faculty was established, a route of Foundation Fellowship was opened for a period of 12 months to admit all those currently practicing as consultants in ICM.  Following the end of Foundation Fellowship, the Faculty Board agreed there would need to be an additional transitional period of entry into Fellowship, which included the creation of Fellowship by Assessment (which continued aspects of Foundation Fellowship) alongside Fellowship by Examination.

Now the Faculty and the training specialty are more firmly established, there has been reasonable concern expressed by those pursuing the training and examination route, that Fellowship should now be achieved solely via this route (excluding the few rare occasions of honorary routes of Fellowship).  The Board unanimously approved a change to reflect this and to bring us in line with other postgraduate specialties. 

Change and timeframe

The Board agreed that we should give fair and due notice of this change.  This change will therefore come into effect on Monday 16 December 2019, giving almost one full year of notice. 

On that date, Fellowship by Assessment will close and full Fellowship (FFICM) will only be achievable via Fellowship by Examination, Fellowship ad eundem and the honorary routes.

Associate Fellowship (AFICM), currently only open to consultants in ICM who originally trained overseas, will open a second route for ICM consultants who would previously have applied via Fellowship by Assessment.

Do you have any questions about this change?
If so, please contact the Faculty.