Smaller and Specialist Units Advisory Group (SSUAG)

Aim of SSUAG

The Smaller and Specialist Units Advisory Group (SSUAG) was set up to give a voice to units that have not historically been well represented on national bodies.

The aim is to recognise that the structure and development needs of these units may differ from larger units, and to ensure that they are supported in delivering high quality critical care to their patients. The SSUAG has representation from all four nations of the UK, and a wide geographical spread helps ensure inclusivity.

Work undertaken recently has focused on the production of a chapter in GPICS V2 to help support remote and rural units. The Specialist units also have new chapters and these have been led by Simon Gardner for Cardiothoracic ICM and Roger Lightfoot for Neurointensive care, both of whom sit on the group.


Who are SSUAG

  • Dr Jack Parry Jones (Chair)
  • Dr Catriona Barr (Shetlands)
  • Dr Eleanor Checkley
  • Dr Chris Clarke (Northern Ireland)
  • Dr Ritoo Kapoor
  • Dr Sandeep Lakhani (NACCS)
  • Dr Manish Pandey (SAS)
  • Dr Tony Smith (Wales)
  • Dr Jon Sturman (Northern England)
  • Dr Chris Walker (ACTACC)
  • Dr Stephen Wilson (Scotland)