FFICM Exam Update and Resources Working Party

Published 09/12/2021

We promised to update you today on the issue surrounding the results of the October FFICM OSCE diet.

We had hoped to have provided a solution to you before now and appreciate the patience you have shown. Given the complexity of the issue, we realise we may have been optimistic in seeking a swift resolution – this is now likely to be in the new year, but we will write to you again as soon as we can.

We know that delays prolong uncertainty but can assure you that we are working as hard as possible behind the scenes to resolve matters.

To provide an update: we have held a number of meetings and conversations to provide a conclusion.

The Faculty continues to liaise with the GMC as well as other external experts. We are taking the issue extremely seriously and welcome this involvement with the GMC in its regulatory role. We are also working closely with HEE and ensuring other professional organisations are informed and have a chance to input.

We have also been undertaking further statistical analysis of the exam results and held an extraordinary meeting of the Faculty Board to discuss this issue. The Board sympathised with the concerns over the exam result which have been expressed by many within the ICM community.

We know this is an incredibly difficult situation for doctors in training and trainers all over the country. We are working to bring this situation to as swift a resolution as possible, whilst balancing a number of serious and complex factors.

We want to reassure members that we will continue to work on this issue and will update you of further progress as soon as possible in the New Year.


Help us improve exam resources

We have clearly heard the feedback from doctors in training that the Faculty needs to do more to improve the resources available to exam candidates. We plan to start work on this immediately whilst we also refine plans for establishing greater ongoing engagement with StR representatives in general.

We are establishing a short life working party to take exam resource work forward, and we are seeking your input. We want to make sure the needs and viewpoints of different constituencies are properly considered. This is one element of a broader process we are establishing so that doctors in training have a greater input.

To that end, we would welcome expressions of interest for representative roles on the group from Up to two ICM trainee representatives, a Faculty Tutor representative, and a Training Programme Director representative.

If you would like to participate, please email contact@ficm.ac.uk by 5pm on Monday 3 January 2022 with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Which role you are interested in (StR – TPD – FT)
  • Your training grade (if applicable)
  • The hospital/region you work in
  • A brief statement (250 words maximum) on why you would like to be involved

The group is planned to meet monthly starting in the new year, with members undertaking and sharing work between meetings. All meetings will be held virtually.