FICM urges Government to consider impact of pay deal

Published 16/08/2022

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine supports the recent statement by the Royal College of Anaesthetists regarding potential impacts that the Government's proposed pay deal will have on morale, recruitment, and retention across the healthcare workforce.

The UK intensive care pandemic response was delivered by doctors in training and SAS doctors on the reformed contract working shoulder to shoulder with other staff groups on intensive care – yet these specialists have been excluded from the Government's proposed pay deal.

While contract negotiations are the remit of the BMA and other unions, the RCoA is right to highlight the factors affecting doctor morale and the need of medical staff to feel valued and supported, with pay being a large factor.

Intensive care prides itself on multidisciplinary working to deliver the best care and outcomes for patients. We are one team, and we urge the Government to recognise the impact of its proposed pay deal.

Dr Alison Pittard

Dr Daniele Bryden
Vice Dean