Join the ACCIA's scoring panels to help reward outstanding national clinical impact in the NHS

Published 18/03/2022

Please see the information below from the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards regarding an opportunity to join their sub-committee scoring panels as assessors.

The Clinical Excellence Awards are becoming the National Clinical Impact Awards to reflect the change in emphasis in our reforms. We would greatly appreciate your help to recognise, retain and reward the highest performing consultant doctors, dentists and academic GPs working in the NHS.

We are looking for assessors to join our sub-committee scoring panels to assess applications between June and July 2022 and are recruiting from across disciplines. Our assessors play a critical role in making sure that scoring is fair and impartial for all applicants.

We welcome assessors who are

  • Professional members (practising consultants), who can consider applications from a peer’s point of view. This might include consultant doctors, dentists and academic GPs who are eligible to apply for an award.
  • Employer members (Managers from Trusts and Arm’s Length Bodies or other organisations such as ICOs employing eligible clinicians), who can consider applications from an employer’s perspective and whether the applicant brings benefits back to their organisation and the wider NHS. Examples include HR Directors, Medical Directors and Chief Executives.
  • Lay / Non medical professional members (objective individuals), who will be knowledgeable about the workings of the NHS and may have lay involvement in healthcare and experience of the patients’ perspective. This could include people with healthcare system experience, other professions that are not medical or retired medical professionals. Lay / non medical professional members are remunerated for their time in meetings and in assessing awards

Our commitment to creating inclusive awards

The new NCIAs seek to encourage more applications from previously under-represented groups, such as female consultants and consultants from ethnic minority backgrounds. This is to ensure fair and un-biased scoring. We recognise the importance of having wider representation on our scoring panels, too – so we particularly welcome assessors from these under-represented groups.

We hope you will volunteer to join our scoring panels

We appreciate that supporting us in this way will mean you giving your time and commitment, but we hope you’ll want to be involved in recognising the outstanding contributions of your colleagues. To help you see what’s involved, the documents below provide more information about the role, the training and support we offer and how becoming an ACCIA sub-committee member could bring benefits for you.

To join, please take a few minutes to fill in the forms below and send them to FAO: Omarah Adam, along with a short CV that summarises your experience.

Please submit the forms by 25 March 2022.  

The 2022 awards round will open on Wednesday 27 April 2022.

If you have any questions, please email and they will be happy to help.

For further information and to apply please see the documents below

Do you have questions?
Contact the DHSC for more information.