National Clinical Impact Awards 2022

Published 27/04/2022

The National Clinical Impact (NCIA) awards will open the 2022 round on Wednesday 27 April 2022 and it will close at 5pm on Wednesday 22 June 2022.


National Clinical Impact Awards (formerly ACCEA awards) have been restructured to three levels in England:

  • National 1 (lowest)
  • National 2
  • National 3 (highest)

Wales will be slightly different with a lower level of National 0 also being available. In discussions N1 to N3 were originally described as being roughly analogous to the previous silver, gold and platinum awards. However, the yearly payments involved are actually far lower than the old awards.

Each award will last for 5 years, be non-pensionable and non-renewable. Therefore, if a potential applicant is holding an existing pensionable award at local or national level, it is even more important to understand all of the implications of accepting one of these new non pensionable awards and the potential adverse impact on future pensions.

When applicants apply for an NCIA award they will not specify which level. The level achieved will be determined depending on the standard of the application. These awards will not be reduced pro-rata for part-time doctors, as was the case in the old scheme. 

For Doctors holding current CEA awards, transitional arrangements are described by the ACCIA here.

Domains for the awards 

  • Developing and delivering your service
  • Leadership
  • Education, training & people development
  • Contributing to the NHS through innovation & research
  • Evidence of any other high-quality work with nationally- or internationally-recognised impact of direct benefit to the NHS.

In order to qualify for the awards doctors will need to have been in a permanent consultant post for one year. Academic staff need to look closely at the wording of the guidance.

Awards timetable

MONDAY 16 MAY 2022 by 5pm

This is the absolute deadline for consultants who are seeking FICM support for their application for all national award levels to submit their application forms to the Faculty.

Forms should be submitted as Word documents to

Please identify the name and email address of one citation writer and include this information in your email submission. The citation writer should be a colleague who knows of your work but who is not also an employee of your employer. 

Citations Deadline - THURSDAY 2 JUNE 2022

Citations should be emailed to If no citation is received, authors may be chased following the Panel Meeting on 9 June if the submitter has been successful.

Please ask your citation writer to draft the citation in accordance with the guidance here.

Please Note

The Faculty can only upload citations once the applicant has formally applied online with the NCIA system, therefore we advise you to add your application well ahead of the deadline.



The Faculty will hold its NCIA Panel Meeting. Following this, the outcome will be communicated to applicants.

For applicants that receive Faculty support, their citations will be uploaded on the NCIA system.


WEDNESDAY 22 JUNE 2022 at 5pm

2022 Round Closes



The number of what are now known as national nominating organisations (NNO) has been reduced. Candidates are asked to name up to two organisations from which they are requesting support on their initial application form. However, when applications are submitted only one request for support will be allowed. 

The process of reducing from two NNOs to one will involve candidates selecting one NNO for support. This is potentially complex. The NNOs will then re-rank their candidates to remove those who have selected final support from another organisation. The time frame for this will be tight.

Extenuating circumstances

If there are extenuating circumstances that have affected your application, such as ill health in yourself or a close family member, you should inform the ACCIA secretariat as soon as possible, i.e. before the deadline for submission. Although the extenuating circumstances should be mentioned in your application, you should have contacted the secretariat separately before submitting your application.

Please note that this is a totally electronic submission process and that it is the responsibility of the individual nominee (and not the Faculty or the Trust) to ensure that their application is submitted electronically to NCIA ahead of the deadline.

Important links and guidance

The guides to applicants are available on the ACCIA website. The new forms are different to any previous years’ round, so please read the guidance carefully. 

Click here for the NCIA portal

Click here for the ACCIA website

Click here for the ACCIA 2022 application form