Calendar & Fees

Applications for the October 2024 FFICM OSCE/SOE open at 9am on Monday 24 June 2024 and close at 5pm on Monday 5 August 2024.

FFICM Examination Calendar 2024-2025

Candidates must pass the MCQ before applying for the OSCE/SOE. The MCQ is valid for three years. At the first sitting the OSCE and SOE components must be taken together. If a candidate fails one but passes the other components then only the failed component needs to be retaken. If a candidate fails both components then they must be retaken together.

Please note that the information below may be subject to change.

Applications and fees not accepted before Mon 11 March 2024 Mon 23 Sept 2024 Mon 10 Mar 2025 Mon 24 June 2024 Mon 9 Dec 2024
Closing date for exam applications Thurs 25 April 2024 Thurs 21 Nov 2024 Thurs 24 Apr 2025 Mon 5 Aug 2024 Fri 31 Jan 2025
Examination date Thurs 27 June 2024 Wed 8 Jan 2025 Thurs 26 June 2025 Mon 30 Sept -Thurs 3 Oct 2024 Mon 17 -Thurs 20 March 2025
Examination fees £560 £580 £580 Both - £720
OSCE - £400
SOE - £360
Both - £720
OSCE - £400
SOE - £360
Standard Setting meeting/Moderation board Mon 8 July 2024 Thurs 16 Jan 2025 Mon 07 July 2025 Wed 16 Oct 2024 Wed 9 April 2025
Results released* Tues 16 July 2024 Wed 29 Jan 2025 Tues 15 July 2025 Tues 22 Oct 2024 Tues 15 April 2025
*Please note that results are emailed directly to candidates.

RCoA Statement on Examination Fees 2020-21

The Royal College of Anaesthetists, which administers and delivers the FFICM examinations, has released a statement regarding examination fees for the 2020/2021 academic year. The costings outlined in the statement have been deferred until January 2021 but will apply from that date onward.

The Faculty is aware that trainees who sit FFICM examinations as part of an ICM training programme can claim tax relief on their exam fees.

As of March 2015, the Faculty now routinely sends out receipts for examination fees paid by examination candidates, by email within 5 working days of exam dates. Requests for exam fees paid before March 2015 can be made to the exams department:

Whilst the Faculty cannot provide advice on how to reclaim tax or guarantee re-imbursement for exam fees, in order to assist trainees in the reclaiming of tax adjustments for exam fees, we have provided a template which can be used to request a refund of tax paid in relation to exam fees. It is important the exam is listed as a Royal College of Anaesthetists examination as they are the legal body of the Faculty and listed with HMRC.

Want to know more?
See the FFICM Exam Regulations.