FFICM Exam Resources and Sitting Update

Published 21/02/2022

The Exam Resources Working Party has now been convened and had its first meeting on 26 January 2022. The aim of the group is to review, update and improve the current resources provided for candidates sitting the FFICM Examinations. 

Work so far

We have recently updated our Resources for Candidates and added:

  • Details of the old 2010 ICM Curriculum syllabus, including the new 2021 ICM Curriculum with an update of the exam syllabus to follow soon
  • Standard Setting information - methods used in each section of the exam and why
  • More examples of Single Best Answer (SBA) Questions added
  • Guidance on how to answer ECG and imaging questions in the exam
  • Useful articles on the FFICM exam from Trainee Eye
  • Blog on passing the FFICM exam from FICMLearning
  • Current and Past Chair of Examiners' Reports
  • Reports on topics and questions candidates have historically found difficult
  • Links to external resources that may help with revision

We also plan to record and publish video examples of good and borderline answers to OSCE and SOE questions that will be accompanied by full transcripts for review.

Return to face-to-face exams

The Faculty also welcomes the RCoA's return to face-to-face examinations from April 2022. Dr Alison Pittard, Dean of the Faculty said:

"I am delighted that we will be able to get back to examining candidates in person. In our recent exam updates we have stated that we would update as soon as possible when a final decision on the April OSCE/SOE was made. The feedback from our members, trainer and StR engagement events was overwhelmingly in favour of the FFICM being conducted in person. I know that our Examiners are also keen to examine candidates face-to-face again. We have learnt a lot from online examinations, and indeed the MCQ will remain in this format. We have an increased number of training posts in the system and face-to-face exams allow us to examine more candidates, and not have to prioritise candidates or ask them to wait for the next sitting in order to attempt the exam.

I am also pleased that our selection of resources for candidates has expanded and will continue to grow; my thanks to all members of the Working Party for their ongoing contributions.”

Working Party Members

  • Dr Chris Thorpe - FICMTAQ Chair and Chair of Working Party
  • Dr Catherine Challifour - ICM StR 
  • Dr Sarah Clarke - FICMTAQ Deputy Chair and CESR Curriculum Lead
  • Dr Catriona Felderhof - Elected FICM Board Trainee Representative
  • Dr Pete Hersey, Chair - Chair of FICM Education Sub-Committee
  • Dr Aditya Sarma Kuravi Mallikarjuna - ICM Faculty Tutor 
  • Dr Sarah Marsh - FFICM Exam Preparatory Course Lead 
  • Dr Olusegun Olusanya - ICM StR
  • Dr Victoria-Anne Robson - Chair of FFICM Examiners

More to come

Work is ongoing - please check the Resources for Candidates page regularly for updates.

Do you have suggestions?

Should you have any ideas of what other resources you would like to see on this page, please do not hesitate to email us at contact@ficm.ac.uk.

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