StR-led Training Survey report published

Published 18/12/2023

The Faculty welcomes the publication of the results obtained from the FICM StR Subcommittee surveys sent out in June 2023. The aim of these surveys - designed, led, and analysed by the StR Subcommittee - was to obtain a better understanding of some of the real-life challenges faced by ICM doctors in training (DiTs) across the UK.

The majority of ICM DiTs report that they are either satisfied or very satisfied with their overall training experience and that ICM trainers are supportive, flexible, and pragmatic in their approach to dealing with their individual needs.

Please click the cover below to read the report, or download directly at the foot of the page.

What you said

Although many are overall satisfied with their training experience, there are several major areas where you would like to see more significant activity. These areas are:

  1. Role-modelling including better access to mentors and more careers advice
  2. Communication
  3. Recognition of the competence, skills, and training of ICM DiTs irrespective of training background
  4. Flexibility and consideration of how that links to rotations, portfolios, Special Skills Year options
  5. Widening social and cultural competence to support our diverse medical workforce of International Medical Graduates, training backgrounds, life choices and preferences.

Programme of improvements

The Faculty remains committed to fostering a positive, inclusive, and supportive training environment as well as continually improving the ICM training experience for all its doctors in training. To this end, we have sought to publish an initial 'first steps' programme of action points aimed at starting the process of addressing each of the five key priorities identified by the surveys, including enhancing those areas of training highlighted as good or outstanding and sharing them as examples of best practice.

We are very grateful to all those ICM StRs who took the time to complete the survey in such detail and wish to thank those involved in its creation and subsequent data analysis. We recognise that for some of you sharing your experiences in this way may have been difficult.  Your feedback is invaluable, and we are committed to continually improving the ICM training experience for all doctors in training. Thank you for your dedication and resilience in becoming the intensivists of the future.

We would also like to thank all trainers across the UK who have given up their time and energy to ensure ICM StRs receive the best education possible. Despite difficulties across the NHS, most DiTs have reported on the positive experience of training which is testament to the work of these educators and mentors.