Educational Development Time

What is EDT?

ICM Specialty Registrars (StRs) require Educational Development Time (EDT)/Supporting Professional Activities (SPAs), to fulfil the requirements of the curriculum for the CCT in ICM.

EDT in the ICM curriculum

It is essential to understand that the High-Level Learning Outcomes (HiLLOs) of the ICM Curriculum comprise clinical and non-clinical aspects, and importantly the 9 domains of the GMC’s Professional Generic Capabilities (GPC) Framework.

These GPCs must be achieved alongside specialty specific Learning Outcomes. The design of the 2021 ICM Curriculum incorporates all GPCs into each and every HiLLO, with the mapping clearly defined against each of them.

Thus, it is important for both trainers and doctors in training to understand that they need not submit additional evidence for attainment of the GPCs. We recommend specific training time to address attainment of the GPCs.

Outcome-based training

Curriculum setting and delivery are the two cornerstones of training. FICM is responsible for developing and setting the curriculum, and the four Statutory Education Bodies (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales) have the responsibility for delivering the curriculum though their postgraduate training networks.

With the change to outcome-based training, there will be some variation in how each region adapts to delivering the curriculum. As the Postgraduate Deans take responsibility for this, they also have the leeway to adjust the time needed to achieve the outcomes. This was one of the key changes in the new curriculum and therefore the Postgraduate Deans will need to ensure, and be assured, that outcomes of the ICM HiLLOs (and therefore the GPCs) are being met. 

EDT recommendations

FICM supports the recommendation that doctors in the ACCS Programme and in Stages 1 and 2 of the ICM Training Programme, have up to two hours/week, and doctors in Stage 3 up to 4 hours/week of Educational Development Time/SPA to develop their GPCs. This time should be adjusted pro rata for those in less than full time training and can be flexible in delivery so that an average amount is taken over time.

EDT is in addition to local/regional teaching session and does not form part of the study leave allowance. Activity should be logged on the LLP.

Departmental policy should be monitored by the local and regional educational leadership teams.

EDT and Special Skills

In Stage 3 of the training programme EDT may also be used to support maintenance of skills in special interest areas already undertaken by agreement with the Faculty Tutor.

However, this should be incorporated within the allowed time and not taken in addition.

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