Careers Evenings & Fairs

Careers evenings are an excellent way to engage and network with the local medical workforce

FICM have produced a careers evening pack featuring a series of lectures and handouts along with an organisers guide to help you create and run your own careers event.

The lectures are intended for you to modify with local information to make your event more relevant and engaging for you audience

 Where to start: equipment list, sample agenda, lecture times and advice on content

Helpful handout for all your attendees, featuring follow along slides and note making section.

  • Lecture slides *updated slides coming November 2021*

Featuring 7 slide sets:

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. So you want to do ICM
  3. Core training in ICM
  4. Specialty training in ICM
  5. How to prepare for an ICM interview
  6. What to expect at an ICM interview
  7. Summary and discussion

Careers Fair resources

If you are running a local careers fair and would like information to share, please check the links below.

Want to know more?
Read career stories in ICM.