Academic Training in ICM

Published 20/01/2023

Academic Specialised Foundation Programme

Many regions have Academic Specialised Foundation Programme which include a module of ICM, research or both. While these are not essential pre-requisites to an academic career, individuals need to be aware of these posts, to promote the opportunity for academic training in ICM.

The key academic competencies that need to be fulfilled during this part of the training include basic research skills and knowledge, as prescribed in the recommendations for ICM training in general. In addition, it is highly desirable that individuals have some direct experience of research, with the opportunity to produce a research presentation at a national or international meeting, and publication of a peer reviewed manuscript.

We recognise that this may not be possible in all instances, and that the models of academic mentorship and training will vary from region to region. However, wider exposure to the research field should be one of the aims of this programme.