Case of the Month #9 - pre-eclampsia

Published 03/02/2022


You are called urgently to A&E to assist with a patient who is 36 weeks pregnant with a low GCS. She collapsed in front of her husband after complaining of severe abdominal pain.

He reports she had been complaining of a headache and some epigastric pain for the preceding 24 hours. She is P3+1, 41 years old, obese, a smoker and has been treated for high blood pressure during her pregnancy.  On arrival her observations include:

  • SpO2 99% on 15L trauma mask 
  • HR 135bpm, BP 72/38, RR 28
  • GCS: E2, V2, M5.


Written by Dr Tarni Duhre

First published on 3 September 2020