FFICM Examiners Report - March 2019

Published 14/02/2022



116 candidates attended the exam, of these 21 had a previous pass in either the Structured Oral Exam (9) or the OSCE (12).


The Borderline Regression (BR) and Hofstee methods were used in the standard setting of the SOEs, with Hofstee being used to cross reference the result achieved from the BR method.  All statistical analysis available was discussed by the Board of Examiners. The final pass mark of 26 out of 32 was reached through a combination of statistical analysis and expert judgement after consideration of borderline candidates.  107 candidates sat the SOE. Of the 107, 75 (70%) passed the SOE component.  Twelve candidates sat the SOE with a previous pass in the OSCE.  Eight from 12 passed giving an 67% pass rate for SOE only applicants.


Standard setting was performed using modified Angoff referencing by the OSCE working party in advance and a cumulative pass mark of 162/240, 159/240, 159/240 and 159/240 was reached for the four questions sets used over the two days of the exam. 104 candidates sat the OSCE. Of the 104, 72 (69%) passed this component.  Nine candidates sat the OSCE with a previous pass in the SOE.  Six candidates passed, giving a 67% pass rate for OSCE only candidates.


70 candidates from 116 (60%) passed the exam overall and achieved the Fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine.  This compares with 65% in October 2018. An overview of results is set out in the table below:

    Total 107
    PASS (N) 75
    PASS (%) 70
    Total  104
            All    PASS (N) 72
    PASS (%) 69
    Total 116
    PASS(N) 70
    PASS (%)  60