Sustainable Careers for Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCPs)

Published 10/01/2023

Working conditions

ACCPs, as with other medical decision-makers, must be afforded appropriate areas where breaks and rest can be taken at work. Access to a desk, a phone and a computer should align with other decision makers. Usually these will be shared facilities with other critical care staff, and the FICM encourages that to engender collaboration and team building.

Rest requirements should align with those of resident decision-makers working overnight. It is essential that ACCPs take breaks reliably, but in a flexible manner in line with other professional groups. This will foster improved cognitive performance and supports the sustainability of the role. It is feasible through local negotiation to agree a system whereby ACCPs are paid for breaks.

ACCPs must also have access to food and drink in and out of hours. Being unable to access these basic needs in the workplace makes the role more strenuous than it is already and prevents ACCPs and indeed all staff from being able to function at an optimal level.