Case of the Month #19 - TTP

Published 01/02/2022

What other investigations may be helpful in making the diagnosis?

  1. PR exam +/- upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy
  2. Blood film
  3. Serum folate, ferritin, iron levels, B12
  4. Haemolytic screen: serum LDH, haptoglobin, reticulocyte count, Direct coomb’s test, direct/indirect bilirubin
  5. Fibrinogen levels and fibrin degradation products (FDPs)/D-dimer
  6. Urinalysis and microscopy
  7. Septic screen
  8. ADAMTS13 assay
  9. Shiga toxin producing E. coli (STEC) stool culture or PCR
  10. Auto-antibody screen
  11. HIV and hepatitis screen
  12. Troponin I