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Published 03/12/2021

Do I want to work in intensive care?

Intensive Care Medicine is a life changing experience for both patients and families. Supporting patients and their loved ones through probably the worst experience of their life can be both incredibly rewarding and challenging.

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A good way to find out if ICM is for you is to get first-hand experience of working in ICM.

There are many options for trying out ICM prior to applying for the training scheme. These include:

  • Undertaking ICM as a special study/ optional or research module during undergraduate medical school training
  • Undertaking a taster week in ICM during Foundation Year Two
  • Undertaking an FY3 as a clinical fellow in ICM for 6 months or one year
  • Undertaking a fellowship in ICM as an Out Of Programme Experience (OOPE) or between core training and specialty training.

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Intensive Care Medicine, unlike many other specialties is expanding.

The need for consultants continues to grow year on year. At present competition for ICM training posts varies from region to region and year to year.

FICM has a network of Regional ICM Advisors and Faculty Tutors in each hospital who will be able to advise you on your career options and decisions. We would advise you to make contact with your local RA or Faculty Tutor as early as possible to consider your options for training in ICM.