Discover ICM: Find your future career

Published 03/12/2021

Where should I get career advice?

The best people to speak to about working in Intensive Care Medicine are the consultants and trainees working within the specialty. Find out how about ICM from career leads and from those who live and breathe it. 

The following people will be able to give you advice about a career in ICM;

  • Intensive care consultants and trainees 
  • Faculty Tutors in ICM: Find your local FT - there will be one in your hospital
  • Regional Advisors: Find your local RA
  • Health Board/Trust and Deanery Careers Leads 
  • Foundation Programme Directors and Tutors

You can visit the Intensive Care Department within your hospital and ask to speak to one of the doctors working there. If they are unable to help you directly they will be able to point you in the right direction as to who to contact and how to contact them for advice such as the local Faculty Tutor or Regional Advisor.

Ask as many people as you like, get their opinions, but explore yourself, and your likes and dislikes at work as well.

Remember, it's your career, and only you know what you want to do!

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