FFICM Examination Regulations

Published 19/12/2022

10. Failures and Guidance

10.1     Failures.  A candidate who is unsuccessful in an examination may, subject to the provisions of Sections 5-7 and Regulation 11.2, enter for the next or any subsequent sitting of that examination.

10.2     Guidance.  There are no mandatory requirements for candidates to attend guidance interviews.  Guidance is not provided on failure of the MCQ examination. At the sixth attempt candidates must have attended a guidance interview, see Regulation 3.8.2. 

10.3     A candidate who fails the SOE and/or OSCE examination more than once may request a guidance interview:

10.3.1  Interviews are limited to one per candidate with the exception of, at the sixth attempt. A candidate shall be entitled to a second guidance interview at the sixth attempt if required.

10.3.2  Requests should be made by email (facultyexams@rcoa.ac.uk) or in writing to the Faculty via the College Examinations Department.

10.4     No special consideration will be given in respect of refunds following guidance interviews.

10.5     For the purpose of this regulation ‘guidance’ shall be:

10.5.1  carried out by one or more Faculty Examiners;

10.5.2  attended by the Faculty Tutor;

10.5.3  arranged locally or at the Faculty;

10.5.4  subject to any other requirement that the Board may from time to time authorise.