FFICM Examination Regulations

Published 19/12/2022

14. Dress code, electronic devices/mobile phones and misconduct

14.1     Dress code for examinations: The Faculty endorses the key recommendations of guidance on dress codes for postgraduate medical recruitment, training and assessment from the conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (CoPMeD). Full details are set out at Appendix 8 of these regulations.

14.2     Electronic devices and mobile phones:  The Faculty will follow strict appliance of the rules set out at Appendix 9 of these regulations regarding the use of mobile phones smart watches and unauthorised electronic devices during FFICM examinations.

14.3     Misconduct:  All aspects of misconduct at FFICM examinations will be investigated and acted upon in accordance with the misconduct policy set out at Appendix 10 of these regulations.