Sustainable Careers for Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCPs)

Published 10/01/2023


ACCPs fulfil a unique and vital role in the workforce of a critical care unit. Because the role cuts across other disciplines such as nursing and AHPs, ACCPs cannot be represented by these other disciplines. The ACCP role therefore requires independent representation at unit meetings. Where ACCP numbers are low, representation may be delegated to the consultant ACCP supervisor, although this should be a transient and temporary arrangement until the ACCPs can be made available or ACCP numbers grow to allow direct representation by ACCPs themselves.

The FICM encourages ACCPs to meet their consultant ACCP supervisor on a regular basis to ensure two-way transparency in any matters which may arise. This will allow any issues to be addressed in a timely fashion.

ACCPs should have independent representation on any Advanced Practice workstreams within the organisation. This will require close links with the Trust or Health Board Advanced Practice Lead – something which would usually be delegated to the lead ACCP (where one exists). Where a lead ACCP does not exist, individual ACCPs will need to forge this link themselves to ensure appropriate representation at an organisational level.