NES ePortfolio closure - 31 August 2022

Published 25/07/2022

Notice for:

  1. Anyone who has completed training recently (i.e. within the last few years and may not have downloaded their training data)
  2. Anyone still on the ICM Training Programme that has not yet downloaded their old training data from NES
  3. Anyone still using the NES ePortfolio that needs to stay on it past the 31 August 2022 due to delays with their CCT

If you have not already downloaded your training records from the NES ePortfolio, our contract with NES ends on 31 August 2022, so if you would like to keep your training data, we would advise you to download the data before then as it will not be possible to retrieve it after this date.

Click here for guidance on how you can download your data.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this, then please do not hesitate to contact us at

Want to know how to download your training records from NES?