Remote FFICM Examinations

Remote exams during COVID-19

When the pandemic first struck in 2020, the spring OSCE/SOE and July MCQ were cancelled. This was for a number of reasons, not least concerns that the impact of working in the pandemic was significant and exam preparation would have been unfairly impacted. However, it was subsequently made clear to colleges and faculties by the DHSC/HEE that keeping exams on hold was not an option; the Exams team and senior FFICM Examiners needed to design and test a new format of delivery at pace to allow exams to go ahead. This had to be compliant with lockdown rules and test, as far as possible, the same competencies at the same standard as the face-to-face exams.

A huge amount of work was put in to modify the format of exam questions pulled from the question bank and work out the logistics of how to deliver this via the online platform. These changes were then presented to, and approved by, the GMC. The Faculty remains immensely grateful to all the FFICM Examiners and the RCoA Exams team for the enormous volume of work put into adapting the examination for online delivery, under unprecedentedly trying circumstances.

Future examinations

The RCoA has committed to online exams until April 2022 but will decide before that date whether to return to face to face or remain virtual. 

The aim of the Faculty is to get back to face-to-face OSCE and SOE examinations as soon as it is safe and practical to do so. We will update this page with new information as soon as we have it.

Remote examination-specific guidance

COVID-19 and Exams webinar

On 3rd of August 2020, Dr Victoria Robson (Chair of Examiners) took part in a free webinar to discuss planned changes to the FFICM examinations due to COVID-19.

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