FICM Learner LLP Step-by-Step Guide

Published 14/12/2021

Personal Activities

The personal activity section is where you can record and link the following evidence:

  • Advisory roles
  • Academic activities and quality improvement activities
  • Publications and presentations
  • Evidence of completion of core training
  • Documents requested by your ARCP panel e.g. Form R • Leadership and management activities
  • e-learning activity (a future functionality will allow direct linkage of activity undertaken in the e-ICM programme) and CPD attendance certificates
  • Further education activities
  • Logbooks
  • Patient and consultant feedback
  • Supervisory meetings • Teaching activity and examiner activity
  • Evidence from other portfolios

There is also an ‘other’ option for anything that does not comfortably fit in anywhere else on the portfolio.

Adding a personal activity

  • From the new entry box on the homepage, select ‘personal activity’
  • Complete the form, selecting the most appropriate option from the activity type dropdown
  • Add learning outcomes to link to the curriculum
  • Upload relevant documents by clicking on ‘Add supporting document’
  • There is an option to hide the activity from your ESSR – selecting this will stop the activity being visible to the ARCP panel
  • Select ‘save changes and return to dashboard
  • Alternatively, if you want to add a reflection to a document select ‘save activity and add reflection’
  • Complete the reflection
  • Select ‘save' and return to dashboard.