Honours & Awards

The Faculty gives honours and awards to recognise exceptional contributions to ICM

Below is a list of the Faculty's awards and honours and their previous winners.

All award nominations to be submitted to the Faculty Executive (Dean, Vice-Dean, Divisional chairs, Associate Director of Faculty) for evaluation and recommendation.

All Executive recommendations go to the Faculty Board for discussion and ratification.

Award criteria


Honour Criteria Eligible recipients Nominating source Number of awards, and conditions
Faculty Gold Medal Work of national and international standing for the specialty through research, education or professional leadership. Unrestricted Faculty Board Maximum 1 per year, though could be less. Full citation.
Past-Dean and Past-Vice Dean medals By tenure. Dean / Vice-Dean By right unless voted out of office Awarded at demitting Board meeting, no citation.
Faculty Commendation Exceptional service to the Faculty or Specialty. Unrestricted, but if offered to Fellows or Members, must be for contributions over and above that expected of an elected or appointed position. Any Fellow

Max 3 per year.

No citation to be read at Faculty Day; but short paragraph on each recipient published in Newsletter.

Fellowship by Election Exceptional service to the specialty or the Faculty. Medical doctors, non-fellows. Faculty Board Max 3 per year Full citation.
Honorary Fellowship Exceptional service to the speciality or the Faculty. Non-medics, scientists, lay persons. Faculty Board Max 3 per year Full citation.

Awards and winners

Previous Winners Year
Professor Julian Bion 2018
Professor Tim Evans 2018
Professor Charles Hinds 2019
Dr Jane Eddleston 2021


Previous Winners Year
Professor Julian Bion (Dean) 2013
Professor Tim Evans (Vice-Dean) 2013
Professor Anna Batchelor (Dean) 2016
Dr Carl Waldmann (Dean) 2019
Dr Alison Pittard (Dean) 2022


Previous Winners Year
Dr Louie Plenderleith 2017
Dr Tom Gallacher 2017
Mr Alex Ruke Keene 2021
Mr Ben Troke 2021
Dr Chris Bassford 2021
Dr Joe Cosgrove 2021
Dr Natalie Pattison 2021
Dr Peter Hersey 2021
Dr Sarah Marsh 2021


Previous Winners Year
Dr Judith Hulf 2012
Dr Sheila Willatts 2012
Professor Iain Ledingham 2012
Professor Peter Nightingale 2013
Dr Neil Soni 2013
Dr Alasdair Short 2013
Sir Professor John Temple 2014
Professor John Cohen 2014
Professor Ronald Bradley 2014
Professor Peter Hutton 2015
Dr Paul Lawler 2015
Dr Joseph Stoddart 2015
Dr Chithambaram Veerappan 2017
Professor Peter Wilson 2019
Mr Iain Anderson 2021


Exceptional service to the specialty or the Faculty.

Previous Winners Year
Helen Galley 2017
Carole Boulanger 2018
Daniel Waeland 2020


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