Core and Specialist Training

How do I start training?

You may have had some exposure to ICM during your undergraduate or foundation training, but your career towards ICM will begin by picking one of the core programmes that leads to specialist ICM training.

It has been possible to train in ICM since the launch of the Joint CCT in 2001.  This was amended into a full CCT training programme in 2011, with the first trainees entering the programme in 2012.

Further information is also available on the Health Careers website.

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Core programmes

ICM CCT training is entered at ST3 level following completion of one of four designated core programmes:

Core Medical Training was replaced with Internal Medicine Training from August 2019 and includes 3 months of direct training in ICM.

In addition to completion of one of the identified ICM core training programmes you will need to have completed one of the following exams, as relevant to that core programme:

  • FRCA (Primary)
  • MRCP UK (Full)
  • MRCEM Primary SBA (or MRCEM Part A between August 2012 – August 2016 or FRCEM Primary after August 2016) AND MRCEM Intermediate SBA (or MRCEM Part B between August 2012 – August 2016 or FRCEM Intermediate SAQ after August 2016) AND MRCEM OSCE after August 2014* (or FRCEM Intermediate SJP after August 2017)                                                      *retrospective approval has been granted for MRCEM achieved between August 2018 – August 2021 as part of the Emergency Medicine 2021 curriculum

Now I have completed core training, what about higher training?

Entry to ICM is by competitive national interview.  See our National Recruitment pages for more.

Further Reading
  • For more information on the FICM Training, Assessment & Quality Committee which is responsible for matters relating to the curriculum please see the Committees of the Faculty.

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