ACCP CPD and Appraisal

The ACCP Advisory Group has produced a CPD and Appraisal Pathway by which trained and qualified Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCPs) can plan, institute, maintain and evidence their ongoing clinical, academic, and professional learning. 


Trained Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCPs) are expected to adhere to the code of conduct of their registering body.

There is now in place a nationally established process by which nursing staff must revalidate according to the NMC Guidelines (NMC 2015). Advanced Healthcare Practitioners (AHPs) must adhere to the code of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). However, many of the roles and responsibilities of the qualified ACCP lie within what might traditionally have been described as the medical remit.

In addition, there is a Code of Conduct for ACCPs 


Furthermore, the clinical supervision of these ACCP roles is unambiguously delivered by the attending Consultant Medical Staff in Critical Care and the Clinical Leads for the ACCPs. There is therefore a clear imperative for ACCPs to undergo some degree of “Medical style” Appraisal, in addition to addressing the specific requirements of NMC Revalidation and those of the HCPC where applicable. It is the aim of this document where possible to harmonise these two simultaneous processes. Given that there will obviously be significant areas of overlap this document also seeks to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and evidence. 

Click below for the ACCP CPD and Appraisal Pathway including appraisal documents, appraisal forms and workplace-based assessments.


ACCPs working in a UK Trust will have NHS indemnity. It is the individual ACCP's responsibility to ensure they have appropriate Standard Operating Procedures ratified by their governance structure - these should be very explicit around the issue of supervision.

Many ACCPs choose to take out additional personal cover via the MDDUS to provide additional insurance. You do not need to have this but as many of us do choose to have it for the additional security and independent legal advice with your interests as the focus.

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