Events calendar

Register your interest for a three-day intensive course of SBA Analysis Group Work offering Question Analysis & Group Discussion for ICM Trainees who are on the threshold of the June 2023 FICM SBA Examination.
This event will provide a mixture of clinically based lectures interspersed with advice about emergency medicine training.

This event may be useful for any dual EM+ICM trainees as well as ACCS trainees currently in their ST1 or ST2 posts who are considering dual training with ICM.
Our ACCP National Conference features a day of lectures and workshops as well as the AGM.

Registrations for the conference are now closed. We are accepting poster submissions for the Louise Houslip Award.

Frimley Green
The one-day course offers lectures and practical sessions in small group led by world renowned POCUS experts from Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and Acute Medicine.
Our two-day FFICM Prep Course features a day of online lectures followed a week later by a day of in-person mock OSCE and SOEs